Magisk is an essential app for anyone who wants to root their Android device and take full control in 2023. With over 100 million downloads, Magisk app by topjohnwu is the most popular way for Android users to root their devices using the open-source Magisk framework.

Magisk Manager is the official app to install Magisk and manage its powerful features. You can do advanced mods and tweaks impossible without root by gaining root access and permissions on an Android 6.0 + device with Magisk APK.

We will cover everything you need to know about Magisk in 2023 – from what Magisk root is to how to install the Magisk Manager app, how to use MagiskHide to pass SafetyNet, essential Magisk modules to install, and much more. So, let's get started.

What is Android Rooting? An Overview

Rooting means gaining administrator level control and access privileges over the operating system of your Android device. It allows you to bypass all the restrictions that phone manufacturers and carriers put in place.

When you root an Android phone or tablet, you are gaining "superuser" access rights to the core Android OS itself (also known as the "system partition"). This allows you to fully customize your device, install mods, run root apps, access blocked features and more.

Rooting is similar to "jailbreaking" on iPhone devices but for Android. However, rooting can sometimes trip Knox security on Samsung devices and void your warranty. Proceed with caution.

Main Features of Magisk Manager

Free & Open Source

Created by topjohnwu, download Magisk is 100% free and it's an open-source software published on GitHub. This makes it highly transparent and trustworthy.

Magic Mount

Magic Mount allows Magisk APK to modify the system partition on a device to enable root access – but in a way that does not physically alter the partition. This "systemless" approach helps with stability and security.


MagiskSU handles superuser permissions seamlessly so that apps you allow can gain root access. This is far more secure than old "SuperSU" methods.


MagiskHide is an advanced cloaking feature that lets you hide the root status from specific apps like Pokémon Go, Android Pay, banking apps and more. This lets you pass basic integrity checks like SafetyNet.

Modules Repository

Magisk app makes it easy to browse and install custom modules that add tweaks, features, themes and mods to your rooted device. There is a thriving ecosystem of free modules.

Seamless Update Compatibility

"Seamless Update Compatibility" ensures rooted devices can smoothly receive and apply system updates. It temporarily suspends root during updates, allowing an unrooted-like experience, and then seamlessly reinstates root access post-update.

Download Magisk App 26.4 Latest Version

How to Install Magisk Manager APK for Android

Here are step-by-step instructions to download and install the latest Magisk Manager 26.4 APK on your Android smartphone in 2023:

Step 1: Enable "Unknown Sources"

First, enable installing apps from "Unknown sources" in your Android settings. This allows you to install apps directly from APK files rather than only through the Google Play Store:

magisk manager
  • Go to "Settings" and find the "Security" menu.
  • Enable the toggle for "Unknown Sources" or "Install Unknown Apps".
magisk manager apk
Step 2: Download Magisk Manager Latest Version for Android

Next, download the latest official Magisk Manager APK file:

  • Go to the Magisk Releases page on GitHub.
  • Download the APK file named app-release.apk from the latest release.
  • As of this writing, the latest version of Magisk is 26.4, so download app-release.apk from there.
  • Move Magisk APK file to the device storage or a downloads folder.

Alternatively, you can check our Magisk download page, which will always have a direct link to the newest Magisk Manager APK from GitHub.

Step 3: Install the Downloaded APK

Now install the app-release.apk file you downloaded:

magisk manager download
  • Open your device's file manager and go to the downloads folder.
  • Tap on the app-release.apk file.
  • Accept the app install prompt. The app will begin installing.
  • Accept any permissions or allow the app to install when prompted.

Once successfully installed Magisk, you will find a new "Magisk_Manager" app icon on the device's home screen or app drawer.

Step 4: Open Magisk Manager

Finally, open Magisk Manager app you just installed. On first launch:

magisk manager app
  • Accept any app permissions or enable notifications if prompted.
  • The app should display the successful installation of the Magisk app.
  • You may need to tap "Continue" to proceed past the initial prompts.

Manager is ready to use on your rooted Android device if all goes well.

Installing Magisk Via Patched Boot Image

Alternatively, you can patch your stock boot image to enable Magisk:

  • Download Magisk Manager APK file on your phone and install it manually.
  • Open Magisk Manager app and tap on the "Install" button.
  • Choose "Install" again and select "Patch Boot Image File."
  • Navigate to the phone's storage and select the boot image you have already transferred.
  • Manager will automatically patch the boot image on your smartphone.
  • Once the boot image is patched, the patched boot image file will be saved in the internal storage.
  • Connect the device to the PC via a USB cable and transfer the patched boot file to the PC.
  • Flash the patched boot image file using Fastboot commands. For devices with an A/B partition, you may need to flash the patched boot image file to both.

It's important to note that the specific steps may vary slightly depending on the device and the version of Magisk APK, so it's essential to carefully follow the instructions provided for your specific device and software version.

Using Magisk APK for Managing Root Permissions

Once successfully set up, Magisk APK allows you to manage root permissions on your Android device and also access magisk modules, and Magisk settings. Here are some of the main things you can do:

Manage Magisk Settings

The Status section of Manager lets you configure settings and check root status:

  • Verify your currently installed Magisk APK version
  • Check SafetyNet status for app detection
  • Toggle Magisk app notifications on/off
  • Set Update Channel to Release, Beta, or Canary
  • Manually install Magisk updates from within the Manager

Keep Manager updated and set to the Release channel for the most stable experience. But Beta/Canary offers early access to new features if you want to test them.

Install Magisk Modules

One of the best features of Magisk APK is the ability to install modules that add tweaks, themes, customizations, and new functionality:

  • Browse Modules and search for ones that fit your needs
  • Tap Install to download magisk module to device storage
  • Use the "Modules" section to install downloaded modules
  • Manage, remove, disable, or update modules

Hundreds of modules are available, from theming your device to enabling game hacks, system-level ad blocking, audio mods, Android tweaks, and much more. But module stability can vary, so install reputable ones from trusted developers.

Configure MagiskHide

Magisk Hide option lets you conceal Magisk root from apps that may detect or block root users:

  • Open MagiskHide and toggle it On to enable hiding.
  • Tap "Add Applications" to select apps to hide from.
  • Common options are Pokémon GO, Netflix, Mario Run, banking apps.
  • Magisk can spoof an unrooted device with various techniques.

This allows you to pass root checks from Google's SafetyNet API, among other detection methods, while remaining rooted with Magisk root. Keep MagiskHide updated along with the Manager app itself to avoid detection.

So, Magisk root provides full control over root access, modules, app hiding, updates, and settings. Use it to take full advantage of rooting your device.

Magisk Modules: Android Customization in 2023

One of the best parts of downloading Magisk is the ability to install modules that add new features, tweaks, themes, mods, and customizations to your rooted Android device.

What are Magisk Modules?

Magisk modules are ZIP packages that contain special scripts and files. By installing a module using Manager, the scripts can alter system files and add or modify functionality.

A central online Magisk Modules Repo is where developers publish modules for free. The repo is built into Manager for easy browsing and downloads. You can also sideload module ZIP files manually.

What Can Modules Do?

Magisk modules can do all sorts of things:

  • Customize device's appearance with themes, fonts, boot animations
  • Enable Android tweaks like increasing volume steps
  • Add or block system-level ads and trackers
  • Modify app parameters for cheating/hacking games
  • Enable developer options like ADB over WiFi
  • Install new software tools like BusyBox or Terminal Emulators
  • Automate tasks and enable automation tools like Tasker
  • Much more! Modules expand what's possible on Android.

Finding and Downloading Modules

The easiest way to find modules is right within the Magisk app:

  • Tap the hamburger menu and select "Modules."
  • You can browse and search the collection online
  • Tap a module, then tap "Download" to get it on your device

Alternatively, check community sites like XDA for recommended modules to install. GitHub is another great source.

Installing Downloaded Modules

Once you've downloaded modules to storage, use Manager to install them:

  • Go to the "Modules" section
  • Tap "Install from Storage"
  • Select the ZIP files of the modules you downloaded
  • Reboot to apply the changes!

The modules will take effect and show as enabled after rebooting your device. You can then manage, configure, disable, or remove modules anytime.

Creating Your Modules

Developers can also create their own Magisk modules using the Module Template provided by topjohnwu. This lets you package custom scripts, tools, modifications, and more into a magisk flashable ZIP package.

Share your module on GitHub, XDA, or the Official Repo once created so other users can discover and install it.

So, download Magisk modules are a great way to add customizations and tools using Magisk Manager for Android. But stay cautious, as badly made modules can cause instability or boot loops.

Troubleshooting Modules

If a module causes boot problems or instability, boot into recovery and uninstall it from the Modules section of Magisk. Check module descriptions for compatibility with your Android version before installing.

Share your module on GitHub, XDA, or the Official Repo once created so other users can discover and install it.

Modules that pass SafetyNet by default will indicate this in their details. Test such modules one by one when setting up MagiskHide.

Magisk Hide: Bypassing SafetyNet on Android Device

One very useful feature of Magisk APK is its ability to hide root access from apps that may block or otherwise detect it. This is crucial for passing Google's SafetyNet attestation used in many apps.

Understanding SafetyNet

SafetyNet is Google's API that checks devices for integrity and certification. Two of its key functions are:

  • Basic Integrity: Checks for an unlocked bootloader or tampered system.
  • CTS Profile Match: Detects whether the device passes the Android Compatibility Test Suite.

Failing either often means an app will refuse to function, like Google Pay, Pokémon GO, Netflix, banking apps, and others.

Why SafetyNet Fails on Rooted Devices

SafetyNet fails on rooted devices primarily due to the following:

  • Evidence of an unlocked bootloader.
  • Signs of a modified /system partition.
  • The presence of root management apps like SuperSU or Magisk.
  • Magisk and other root files are stored in folders like /data.

So, even with systemless roots, evidence of modification can still be detected by SafetyNet.

How MagiskHide Works

MagiskHide uses a variety of techniques to bypass SafetyNet by hiding evidence of modification from apps:

  • It hides the Magisk app itself.
  • It can spoof or proxy SafetyNet requests to return valid responses.
  • It disables components like Play Store that check for root.
  • It mounts partitions like /data read-only to apps.
  • It hides busybox and other root files from detection.

This way, MagiskHide can trick apps into thinking your device is perfectly stock and certified, even while you maintain root access with Magisk root.

Using MagiskHide on Your Android

To enable MagiskHide for bypassing SafetyNet errors in apps:

  • Open Magisk app and enable MagiskHide
  • magisk hide
  • Tap "Select Apps" and choose which apps to hide from
  • magisk hide download
  • Add apps like Pokémon GO, Netflix, Mario Run, etc
  • Ensure Hide is enabled and reboot the device
  • magisk hide module
  • The app should now pass SafetyNet and work!

MagiskHide must be continuously updated along with Magisk to avoid detection, as Google constantly tries to patch bypass methods.

Troubleshooting Issues

If an app still detects root even with MagiskHide on, make sure these steps are followed:

  • The latest Magisk and Manager app updates are installed
  • No modules that break SafetyNet are enabled
  • Hide was toggled on before opening the app
  • Caches and data for the app are cleared before re-testing

MagiskHide cannot work miracles, but it will cloak root from most apps when set up properly. Additional cat-and-mouse tactics may be needed in rare cases. Test rigorously and reboot frequently when enabling hide.

How to Uninstall Magisk and Restore Stock

One of the benefits of Magisk being a "systemless" root method is that it can also be fully uninstalled if desired, restoring your device to a stock unrooted state.

With Manager App

The easiest way to uninstall the Magisk is directly within the Manager:

  • Open the Magisk app on your Android device.
  • Look for the "Uninstall" button within the app.
  • magisk uninstall
  • Tap the "Uninstall" button and select "Complete Uninstall."
  • uninstall magisk
  • The app will prompt you to download the Magisk Uninstaller file. Proceed with the download.
  • uninstall magisk module
  • Once the file is downloaded, it will automatically uninstall Magisk from your phone.
  • how to uninstall magisk
  • Your phone will reboot automatically after the uninstallation process is complete.

With Uninstaller ZIP

Alternatively, you can flash the uninstaller ZIP from recovery:

  • Download Magisk Uninstaller ZIP file from a trusted source.
  • Transfer the downloaded ZIP file to device's internal storage.
  • Boot the device into TWRP recovery mode.
  • In TWRP, navigate to the location where the Magisk Uninstaller ZIP file is stored.
  • Select Magisk Uninstaller ZIP file and swipe to flash it.
  • Wait for the flashing process to complete.
  • Once the process is complete, reboot the device.

Re-locking the Bootloader

You can even re-lock the bootloader on devices like Pixels after uninstalling Magisk APK, returning fully to factory locked state.

Just keep in mind this will also wipe your data! Backup anything important before re-locking.

Consequences of Uninstalling Magisk

When removing Magisk app, keep in mind:

  • You will lose root access, and associated apps will no longer function
  • Any installed modules will be removed and deleted
  • If you used MagiskHide extensively, those apps may start failing checks again
  • Unencrypted devices lose forced encryption when uninstalling

So, only uninstall Magisk if you are certain you want to restore to an unrooted stock system.

Tips & Tricks: Managing Root on Android 2023

Here are some additional tips, recommendations and best practices when using Magisk app for new and experienced root users:

  • Always install Magisk modules one at a time to identify a culprit if issues arise.
  • Avoid modules that claim to drastically boost performance, battery life, etc., as these often cause problems.
  • Backup important data before installing Magisk APK or making major changes in case of boot issues.
  • Check XDA forums for recommended modules specific to your Android device model for the best experience.
  • Due to risks, avoid using MagiskHide on banking, payment and work apps.
  • Keep Magisk updated to the latest version for security and compatibility.
  • If you can't boot after an issue, uninstall the culprit module from recovery before wiping data.
  • Study the detailed guides on XDA Developers for your particular device before installing Magisk or modules for the first time.
  • Don't download Magisk Canary releases for daily driver devices - stick to stable builds for reliability.

By starting slow, making regular backups, troubleshooting issues patiently, and using common sense, your Magisk experience will be smooth sailing

FAQs: Root Android, Modules, and More

  • Yes, Magisk is 100% legal open-source software. Rooting itself does not violate any laws. However, it may void your device warranty in some cases.

  • This is extremely unlikely, as Magisk modifies system images safely. But mistakes made during complex mods could brick a device. So backups are always wise.

  • Magisk APK developer topjohnwu keeps it constantly updated to work on the latest Android versions, like 13.

  • MagiskSU is the core tool that handles superuser permissions inside Magisk. It allows apps to run commands as root when authorized by you.

  • No, you must enable MagiskHide and toggle each app you want to hide root from with the Magisk app.

  • Only if you properly set up MagiskHide for those apps. If SafetyNet does not pass, it will not function fully.

  • Granting superuser access always carries some risk. Only allow reputable apps root access. Revoke permission immediately if problems occur.

The Future of Magisk App

Gaining root privileges on Android with Magisk APK is currently the most powerful way to unlock the full potential of your device. With Magisk App, you can customize your phone or tablet beyond anything normally possible.

From installing modules that add handy new features to using MagiskHide for stealthy root, an exciting world of tweaks and mods awaits. Just be sure to educate yourself fully before rooting, test modules cautiously, make backups religiously, and have fun responsibly.

The vibrant Magisk community will continue pushing the boundaries of Android OS customization throughout 2023 and beyond. We hope this guide has provided everything you need to confidently get started with Magisk Manager app and explore the wonders of rooting your Android. The possibilities are endless.